IoT Experts

We have a group of IoT professionals to advise companies on the IoT Campus. By being part of our Campus IoT you can count on the following profiles:

Jean Triquet – IoT Sales&Marketing
He is the promoter of our Campus; the person who created it in 2018 so that everyone could join the initiative. He is also CEO of the marketplace and his specialty is sales and marketing in IoT.


Mauro Lodolo – IoT Teachers
He is responsible for leading all the training efforts of the Campus. Lead our teachers and the students to whom we pass on our knowledge. She works at Telit as responsible Program Manager in Sales.


Marta Guerrero – IoT Networking
It is responsible for organizing events on our Campus. He works for the Executive Forum and organizes the annual IoT event in Madrid. It also coordinates the afterworks of our ecosystem.



Sr. XYZ –  IoT Talent
She/he is responsible for helping our professionals in their IoT career. Learn about the ecosystem’s talent to help the nascent IoT industry in Europe.



Charles Thomas –  IoT Investment
He is responsible for all financing issues for companies in our ecosystem. Help find investors and build business plans. He is CEO of the Cognitive Corporate Finance company.



Sr. XYZ –  IoT Hardware




Sr. XYZ –  IoT Arquitect
She/he is responsible for all platform issues.